Practical Intelligence LLC has an experienced team with over 50+ years of experience providing quality Information Management and Project Management to our Clients, both in the private sector and government setting. Our primary focus is placed on providing our clients with exceptional service that goes above and beyond their goals and expectations. We pride ourselves on prioritizing our client and their needs, with an emphasis on bringing together a team with diverse skill-sets that can suit any and all our client's needs. To meet these needs our team utilizes it's extensive experience in several critical aspects, including but not limited to: Project Management, Systems Engineering, Information and Network Security, Data Analytics and Insights, and Penetration Testing. We strive to make your mission, our mission.


Vision: Provide strategic services and solutions that are value added to our customer.

Mission:  Our mission is to provide information management consulting services that enables our customers to strategically, develop and implement enterprise solutions that mitigate the risks associated with global information sharing of data.


Practical Intelligence has recognized a global change in how Industry/Federal Government is moving away from stove-piped systems to enterprise systems that are connected through information sharing environments and cloud instantiations.  Data is being processed in large volumes and shared for analysis, creating unique security challenges to decision makers.  

Diminishing resources and funding makes it imperative to develop/implement enterprise solutions that can be used across multiple platforms/systems to address the concerns of the organization.  Practical Intelligence goal is to ensure the decision makers are equipped with the right information to identify, evaluate and mitigate those risks.



                                                           541512 - Computer systems design services
                                                           541513 - Computer facilities management services
                                                           541519 - Other computer related services
                                                           541690 - Other scientific and technical consulting services